Guelph Municipal Election 2018 Map and Candidates

This interactive map lets you find information about candidates running to represent you in Guelph's 2018 Municipal election. Instructions: (optimized for a desktop)

1. Click on your 'Ward' on the map. If you don't know what Ward you live in, simply zoom untill you recognize your neighborhood and click on it.

2. The names of candidates running to represent you will show up around the map. Council candidate names are color coded to match the Ward map and the Ward legend above the map. School board trustee candidate names are color coded with school board legend below the map.

3. Click or hover over each candidate's name to see clickable links to their website, social media, contact information and responses to a 'candidate questionnare' (courtesy Guelph Politico).

4. Read up, get informed and GO VOTE! on Oct 22

Disclaimer: This map is not affiliated with the City of Guelph. It was made in public interest, and its intended use is purely educational. Ward maps were obtained from Guelph Open Data Portal. Links and candidate information were obtained from sources including Guelph Politico and City of Guelph. Information contained herein is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and any errors or omissions are regrettable and unintentional. If you are a candidate or represent a candidate and would like to have information updated, please contact me at akantamn (at) uoguelph (dot) ca. If you are voter, please continue to do your own additional research to supplement information contained herein.

I also made a Twitter app that shines a spotlight on the candidates (including schoolboard trustees) running in Guelph's 2018 municipal election by simply retweeting their public and campaign twitter accounts. You can follow that feed here.

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