Mapping Portfolio

Guelph Tree Map

An interactive map showing the urban tree canopy in the City of Guelph, with information about the health, species, height and ownershop of each individual tree. I was inspired to make this during my first winter in Canada, after witnessing an old tree gently sag over, laden with freshly fallen snow.

Data: Guelph Open Data

Date: December 2016

Stats: +3k mapviews (June 2018)

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Detroit's 'Heartbeat'

To paraphrase Hawthrone, "Cities are always rising and falling in America" - none more dramatically than Detroit, MI. While Detroit's economic downfall and subsequent resurgance have been documented elsewhere, this heartbeat map attempts to capture the wonder, hope and excitement of bearing witness to the revitialization of one of America's greatest cities.

Data: Detroit Open Data

Partners: MIEIBIC

Date: December 2016

Stats: +2k mapviews (June 2018)

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MI Energy Poverty

During my two Masters degrees at Michigan Tech, I lived in a region with the highest electricity rates in the state, if not the entire country. The high costs, compounded by the harsh winters, old housing stock, low median incomes, limited fuel alternatives and the relatively older demographics of the area made Houghton, MI particularly vulnerable to energy poverty. While the lived experience with energy poverty is diverse and varied, this map visualizes, as a first approximation, the geography of vulnerability to energy poverty in Michigan. A complex project that took me many months to execute, I wrangled data from approx 35 different utility companies, statistically smoothing them to interact with the Census data representing clearly defined county boundaries.

Data: Multiple sources

Partners: Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative, Keweenaw Research Center

Date: ~2015

Stats: +3k mapviews (June 2018)

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Political Campaign Finance

This project is a visual representation of testing a hypothesis - do candidates that fundraise the most end up winning the race? Turns out, at least based on data from the 2016 Michigan House Primary Elections, largely yes.

Data: MI Secretary of State

Partners: MI Campaign Finance Network

Date: ~2016

Stats: +2.5k mapviews (June 2018)

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Tableau Portfolio

Guelph Municipal Election

This was a fun and personally meaningful project:

I moved to Canada in 2016, and I do not as yet have voting privileges in elections here. I still wanted to participate meaningfully in my local community and 'give' back my new home (Guelph, ON), so I made an interactive map to help Guelph voters connect better with candidates for the municipal election.

Data: Guelph Open Data Portal.

Date: Oct 2018

Stats: +2k views (Nov 2018)

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Renewable Energy Transitions

This visualization was featured on the Scientific American blog Plugged In and stemmed from a (respectful and lively) #EnergyTwitter debate about the determinants of (high) energy rates. Robert Fares outlines the entire discussion here on SciAm

I used data visualization on Tableau to illustrate my arguement that "At current grid penetration levels of solar and wind in the United States, there isn't enough evidence to suggest that solar and wind ALONE are responsible to electricity costs rising." The project involved complex data wrangling, pre-processing and integrating from different sources:

Data: EIA, BLS and others. Full notes here

Date: May 2018

Stats: +9k views (June 2018)

Guelph Operating Budget

With a new City of Guelph budget just around the corner, I made an interactive chart that gives local residents a closer look at last year's Tax-Supported Operating Budget (2018). Note: Click on image or on View Project to open the interactive chart.

Like most people who are not accountants, I struggle with making sense of budgets. This problem is compounded when budget items drill down into multiple categories spread across different levels. My goal for this project was to help users develop an intuitive sense of the scale, scope and spread of the City's budget, with an eye towards representing the services and investments in how they are prioritized as a line item in the operating budget.

Data: Guelph Open Data Portal

Date: Annually updated

Stats: +1k views (Nov 2018)

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Ontario Femicides Media Analysis

I partnered with a Dr. Mavis Morton's research team at the University of Guelph and Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH) to visualize how Canadian media reports on 'femicides' - an on-going yearly research project. This visualization sticks close to the partnership's goals of honoring the names of femicide, shining a critical light on media coverage, making the complex research project more accessible to the Canadian public and support OAITH's advocacy on ending violence against women.

Data: Original research by Dr. Mavis Morton & team

Date: Annually updated

Stats: +1k views (June 2018)

MI Campaign Donations

My startup MiDataLabs partnered with Michigan Campaign Finance Network (MCFN) to produce a series of interactive visualizations to help Michiganders understand and explore the role of money in Michigan's politics. This exploratory project was somewhat complex to produce - scraping information from several publicly available webpages, testing different visualization methods and a lot and lot of data pre-processing. You can check out the other visualizations produced in partnerships with MCFN here

Data: MCFN and multiple sources

Date: ~2018

Stats: +4k views (combined MCFN visualizations)

Snowfall at Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech is THE snowiest in the United States, and perhaps is the only college with a ski hill on campus! All this is facilitated by the incredible amount of snow this small town gets - as visualized by this beautiful and fun interactive vizualization

Data: Michigan Tech

Date: ~2016 (update coming soon)

Stats: +3.3k views (June 2018)

Other Tableau Projects

To look at other cool visualizations I've developed using Tableau, check out my portfolio as a part of my startup MiDataLabs my personal portfolio and works in progress

Infographics Portfolio

In the summer and fall of 2016, my startup partnered with the national Conservative Energy Network CEN to advocate for clean and advanced energy solutions. A challenging project that helped me chart unique territory with knowledge mobilization - infographics. I am no graphics designer, but I know a thing or two about storytelling. CEN gave me a lot of rope, and worked with me to identify themes, core message and formats that would appeal best to their diverse audience - politicians, donors, voters and clean energy advocates.

Sticking to the spirit of this medium, I will let the infographics speak for themselves without any notes. If you need individual notes, or would like to see my complete inforgraphics portfolio, contact me.

Video Portfolio

This is a medium I am excited about further exploring. I particular, I am interested in breaking down my PhD thesis, my public testimonials and related complex ideas into short 'elevator pitch' videos for broad public consumption

Thesis Elevator Pitch

This video introduces the main themes in my research and was one of the winning entries at the View Project2017 SSHRC Canada Storyteller Awards

Public Testimonials

I regularly delegate and provide testimonials at public deliberations on topics that I have expertise in - energy transitions. I like thinking, developing and centering my research around active civic participation. In this video, I provide testimonial in support of Guelph's Net Zero 2050 goals.


This is an example of what we used to call 'outreach' during my graduate school degrees in Physics and Computer Science. Over time, my thinking on this term has evolved. Now 'outreach' has a very Prometheus (the Greek myth) feel to it - taking fire from the ivory tower and bringing it to the masses - and I am much more comfortable thinking about this as one flavor of knowledge mobilization.

Whatever it is called, I certainly enjoyed making videos like this, for example, that helped homeowners in rural MI go solar.

Podcast Portfolio

This is a medium I have explored before to great satisfaction in the past. I have hosted and co-hosted three (one season long) podcasts, notably The Misadventures of a Graduate Student, Ben & Abhi Science Show (not archived) and Physics & Movies (not archived).

While these have mostly been a fun projects and a way to unwind after a long week of Gradschool, I've been mulling over the idea of creating a podcast around issues closest to my heart - community energy planning, energy efficiency and urban energy poverty. Stay tuned!